A Verse in Dialog & Apples and Snakes production in collaboration with University College London
Human Code Computer Tongue: Remix – the relationship between human and artificial creativity and consciousness

In an evening of spoken word poetry and lively debate, we will revisit and expand upon themes raised by participants of the HCCT:Rmx masterclass in October. After passionate discussions about the first robot to be granted Saudi Arabian citizenship, (almost) award-winning AI novelists, chat-bots banned for bigotry on social media, and child sexbot slaves being apprehended by customs at British airports, participants experienced what it is to be  part of a neural network machine to create spoken word poetry.

Is artificial creativity fundamentally different from that of humans? Can we even tell the difference? Is there an intended meaning in the writings of machines? The audience can be the judge in a poetry slam between humans and machines.

Organisers & Invited Guests:

Zena Edwards is the creative and educational director of Verse In Dialog, founder of HCCT,  project developer, poet and singer. Zena devised HCCT as part of The Poetic Debaters Program which engages transformational learning strategies with freedom of expression, writing for interdisciplinary performance and multi-media art making.

George Spithourakis is a computer science PhD student at UCL on the topic of natural language processing. He uses artificial neural networks to build machines that learn how to read and write.

Dan Simpson is a poet, performer, and producer. He makes highly engaging and contemporary work that is popular, smart, and funny. His subjects include science and technology; history and place; geek culture and videogames; people and poetry –  http://weatherfronts.dansimpsonpoet.co.uk/

Xana is an interdisciplinary artist – Live loop artists, poet included – working at the intersection of tech and the arts. Xana’s work interrogates the next evolution of queerness within futurism, movement in tech, narratives of migration, trauma/depression and archives as the basis for redefining the voice of the other’d. http://xa-na.com/

Piotr Mirowski is a research scientist  specializing in deep machine learning in AI. He is also an improvised comedy theatre artist who will be bringing A.L.Ex, his small AI dry humoured robot companion for interactive comedy theatre performance https://humanmachine.live/

Piotr was an invited guest for the masterclass and we will be screening some of his work.

When: Tuesday 5 December, 7-8.45pm
Where: Lecture Theatre, Free Word Centre, 60 Farringdon Road, London, EC1R 3GA
Bookings: FREE, but booking is essential. Book your place here!