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Human Code Computer Tongue: Remix

Human Code Computer Tongue: Remix

Apples and Snakes, Verse In Dialog and UCL presents
Human Code Computer Tongue: Remix

Technology is another opportunity for humans to explore the potential of what it
means to human and, as a tool for our evolution, we have seen and can anticipate incredible enhancements to our everyday lives.

Further advances in AI have revealed the possibilities of AI ability to create art like novella writing, improvisational theatre, poetry and painting. HCCT Remix will be exploring further what it means when artificial intelligence is programmed to ‘create’ art that emulates how humans make meaning, specifically with poetic language.

Using images, spoken word and interactive coding games as provocations, participants can expect deep discussion on the phenomenon of artificial intelligence and the writing of code poetry. We will challenge our skills and perceptions around poetry writing computer programs, discuss how the human imagines the world and society into reality. We will debate the politics of technology.

This all-day poetry workshop is directed towards writers and computer scientists with a shared interest in poetry and AI (no formal training is required).
The basic principles of artificial creativity will be presented, and participants will
be guided to apply these principles to write poems with pen and paper. Through
these exercises participants will immerse themselves into the mysterious
consciousness of an artificial neural network, which will be complemented with
traditional poetry writing exercises that focus on human creativity.

At the closing of the workshop, the participants will share their thoughts and
poems in a poetry slam, and they will discuss with artists and academics about
the role artificial intelligence will play in the future of culture and art production.

A follow up event addressed to a larger audience will be organized later on
in the year, where poems created at the workshop will be performed.

When: 25 th October, 10.00am-4.00pm
Where: Room 639, UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H
Bookings: FREE, but booking is essential using the expression of interest form

Zena Edwards is a writer, performance poet, arts project developer and creative educational director of Verse In Dialog (©V:iD). Zena has become known as one the most unique voices of performance poetry and has been involved in writing
for performance for over 20 years. Since 2010, she has been mentoring young
and emerging artists in arts vocation and creative campaigning for social causes.

She has worked with loop machines and visual art technology to enhance her
performance and with online interactive fiction code to expand the potential of
her poetry.

HCCT Is part of ©V:iD's 'The Poetic Debaters Project' program - (PDP for Change)

Georgios Spithourakis is a PhD candidate in Computer Science at UCL on the topics of natural language processing and machine learning. He is passionate about building machines that can read and write.

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