What do you think would happen if you knocked on a stranger’s house and offered to write them a poem? OK. What if you did it in a council estate in the North East of England?

Rowan McCabe is the world’s first Door-to-Door Poet. Through this funny and thought-provoking mix of spoken word and theatre, find out about the people he’s met on his journey around the North East; from his visit to an imam at a mosque, to his appearance on BBC Breakfast and his trip to the ‘roughest street in Stockton’. Exploring issues about community and loneliness, at the heart of it all lies a simple, yet terrifying question: Can we trust strangers?

‘A must-see’ – Tim Wells, Morning Star.

‘The most interesting contribution to cultural life from anyone in poetry recently’ – Sophia Walker.

When: Wednesday 11 April, 7:00pm
Where: ARC Stockton, Dovecot St, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 1LL
Booking Info: book here