The Bingo Bongo Club brings you the most eclectic, electric and original spoken word cabaret to
be found in Oxford.

We scour the country for artists that inspire and delight; the ones we would happily travel 500
miles to see, and bring them all together for one sumptuous rib-tickling, fist-punching, booty-
shaking night at Oxford’s illustrious indie music venue, The Jericho Tavern.
Hosted by poetry power couple, the inimitable ‘completely spell-binding’ Tina Sederholm, and
the ‘cause for concern’ that is Neil Spokes, this November we present for your delectation, three
extraordinary guests.

P.S. There may or may not be poetry bingo. I know. We spoil you.

Elvis McGonagall
Standup poet, armchair revolutionary and World Slam Champion.
Elvis has appeared on The One Show, The Culture Show and many other shows with the word
‘show’ in the title. A Radio 4 regular on Saturday Live, The Wondermentalist Cabaret and Arthur
Smith’s Balham Bash, he even has his own radio 4 sitcom, Elvis McGonagall takes a look on the
Bright Side. Performing everywhere from the Edinburgh Fringe to The Glamour Bar in Shanghai,
he is one the most prolific and well-known spoken word performers country today.
His new collection Viva Loch Lomond! collects together the greatest hits of an acclaimed
performance career, covering everything from Scottish independence to William Wallace’s taste
for cheese.

The Antipoet
Poetry, punk sensibility, double bass and stack heels.
The masters of beatrantin’ rhythm and views.
One of the most original acts on the circuit, these masters of mayhem have delighting and
alarming audiences at festivals and clubs for the last ten years. A wry blend of anarchocynisism
and comic observation, words and double bass, they never fail to get the crowd on their feet.

Emily Harrison
Medicated feminist poet. Sexually confident, socially awkward. Performs regularly in London
and across the UK, combining precise writing and bold performance. Astute and at times
painfully humorous, her first full-length collection with Burning Eye Books confronts a search for
love against the stark yet humanising backdrop of the psychiatric institution.

Where: The Jericho Tavern, 56 Walton St, Oxford, OX2 6AE
When: Wed 29 November 7.30pm doors 8pm start
Price: £9 / £7 concs

Supported by Apples and Snakes.