Apples and Snakes Takeover is a week long festival of Spoken Word.

Ready SET Slam @ 6pm | Monday 12 March
A regional super slam judged by Pete the Temp and Malaika Kegode, hosted by Robert Casey.

Pete The Temp’s Poetry Revolution @ 8.30pm | Monday 12 March
Join slam champion, political activist and poetry research pioneer Pete the Temp for an eye-opening talk on the spoken word revolution!

Trailers @ 7.30pm | Tuesday 13 March
Extracts from spoken word shows featuring Jackie Juno, Alexander Rhodes, Melanie Branton and Malaika Kegode.

Bringing the Story to its Senses @ 7pm | Wednesday 14 March
Learn how to find and use sensory language that captivates your audience with Rachel Rose Reid.

The YoniVerse and Burning Eye Books @ 7pm | Thursday 15 March
A discussion and general guide to the do’s and don’ts of poetry publishing with poetry collective The YoniVerse and Burning Eye Books editor Bridget Hart.

SEXY  @ 7.30pm | Saturday 17 March
SEXY by Vanessa Kisuule uses truthful wit and clever verse to explore our conflicted relationship with our bodies and sexiness.

NEW BARD OF EXETER @ 6pm | Sunday 18 March 

The competition to find the new Bard of Exeter (or, more formally – the Bardic Chair of Caer Wyse) is to be held on …… at the Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter. The event will be hosted by the Grand Bard of Exeter Jackie Juno, Patron Mark Lindsey Earley, and our outgoing Bard Chris White.Based on records dating back at least two hundred years, Exeter is one of approximately 30 ancient locations that have the right to elect their own Bard or ‘Bardic Chair’ each year. The Bard of Exeter by tradition holds the post for a year and a day, before inviting challengers to succeed her/him in turn.

The contenders vie for the title; poets, singers, musicians and storytellers who all perform their own material for up to five minutes and read out their manifesto to the audience, after which the audience votes for their favourite performer.

There follows a ceremonial handing over of the Bardic robes and chair to the new winner.
To enter e-mail Chris:

Tickets: Free 

Plus: Visit the Burning Eye Book Shop all week.

When: 12-18 March
Where: The Bike Shed Theatre, 162/3 Fore St, Exeter EX4 3AT
Booking Link £6 for individual events, £21 for a festival pass