Hey hey hey,

We’ve got some interesting news. For those of you who have supported and rolled up to our flagship poetry event, Hit the Ode for the past 7 years, we thank you tremendously for your support and for always turning out and helping the night to grow from strength to strength.

Also shoutout to the Victoria pub for housing HTO for the last 7 years as well as, more recently, Waterstones Birmingham. And of course the biggest of big ups goes to the incredible work of the wonder that is Bohdan Piasecki for building a platform in Birmingham when there weren’t many like it and for also being my absolute favourite host of any night ever.

That being said, we have some news… “new home” I hear you whisper… well, well well.

*Drum rolls and amateur dramatics ensue*

As of March 16th 2018 Hit the Ode will now call Birmingham Hippodrome home, the Patrick Centre to be precise. We’re extremely excited to be partnering with the Hippodrome on this, their support of this region’s poetry and spoken word scene is a positive step towards building more recognition and respect for performance poetry nationwide. In conclusion, we’re gassed poetry will be platformed at such an iconic venue and are very excited to be ramping up the production and surprises that Hit the Ode has in store for you.

There are many reasons for this move, one of the biggest being wheelchair access and ensuring that moving forwards, every event, every venue and every space we curate is fully accessible and welcoming. We’re also encouraging other poetry night organisers to consider the same.

It should also be noted that the day of Hit the Ode will be changing to FRIDAYS. Friday nights have never looked so lit, so buss open your diary, google calendar or event documentating apparatus and book the following dates innnnn!

The dates for Hit the Ode’s first season at the Hippodrome are:

Friday 16th March

Friday 13th April

Friday 11th May

Friday 15th June

Friday 13th July

Tickets will be on sale via the Hippodrome’s box office later this week.

We’re rolling into March with a new home, new poetry features and new surprises. Hold tight and join us for the ride! Our first features at our new home are none other than Kondwani Fidel from Baltimore, Caroline Bird from London & Nafeesa Hamid from Birmingham… Yep, we’re gassed too.

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