Our Poetry: The Music of Being Human

I introduce about a dozen poets per show who discuss and read their own poems. In each show I meet a particular artist who reads their own work and a chosen poem by another author. I ask them about their lives and how and why they write poems. There are occasional news items about poetic events and activities.

With OUR POETRY, I intend to create space for poetry to become a more widely practised, inclusive and popular form of self-expression and performance. Poets of all ages, genders and nationalities are very
welcome to contribute, from wherever they may be around the world or, indeed, in Deal.

People have been telling rhythmic stories around the campfire for thousands of years. Poetry is and has long been The Music of Being Human.
It’s ours.

If you would like to comment or send in a poem, please get in touch with me on [email protected].



Wednesdays, 8.30pm. Or catch online.