Resusci Anne and the Personal Displays of Affection

Resusci Anne and The Public Displays of Affection drags up the lore surrounding Resusci Anne, an unidentified drowned woman & ‘most beautiful dead girl’ whose face was used to create the first CPR training dummies. The show explores the implications of perceiving dead women as beautiful and centers on femme bodies, mental health and grief. It finds Holly and Raina as they search for their drowned friend in the “club of dead women”, unsure how they arrived there and desperate for a resolution. Haunted by famous dead women: Ophelia, Lizzie Siddal, Joan of Arc, and Elizabeth Taylor, the show uses pop-culture symbolism to resuscitate the memory and truth of their best friend’s death. Resusci Anne and the Public Displays of Affection swims the line of poetry, gig-theatre, folk-tale, sea-shanty and long form spoken word. Beware the vague and wet graffiti. Beware the loss threatening to fall on your head!



2024-02-18 11am