Spoken Word Artist Opportunity

We are Back2basix, an independent dance company formed by Leah & Marta. We are looking for a Spoken Word Artist who can deliver a creative and engaging audio description of the visual (photography) and dance (live and pre-recorded) elements of our current work-in-progress.

We are working towards a live immersive installation to be staged in the coming months (dates are tbc at the moment, but potentially the end of August/September) based on an existing digital piece that combines a dance film, photography and text.

An element of the installation that we are developing is spoken word as a medium to audio-describe dance performance and visual elements.

The installation will stage our work Num-0, which offers an artistic view to perspectives, blindspots and the power of constantly questioning and re-choosing what, where or who becomes our point of reference, our default 'truth', and, as such, shapes and influences our experiences.

The work is self-funded at the moment, therefore this is an opportunity for a spoken word artist to collaborate with us in a form of internship through which to develop elements of your craft and performance skills. You will be involved in the creative process of bringing spoken word to the installation as a way to support both the immersive character of the installation and its accessibility (audio description of visual elements) and perform live at the event.

If you are interested or would like to discuss with us more about our work and your engagement, please reach out! We'd love to hear from you.



July 28, 2024 end of day