Plot 17

A hip-hop garden block party for audiences aged 7+

Four pieces of wood
Eight nails
And a hammer
Some compost
A hand full of seeds
And some water
A playlist and some speakers all you need to get you started
then by the time that you finished you’ll know How To Make A Garden

Plot 17 is a mobile block party travelling the world raising awareness, inspiring action and spreading the message of “making things green”, with a soundtrack guaranteed to make you want to plant a tree and sure to help the seeds grow.

Using spoken word, lyrics, visuals and DJ-ing, Plot 17 is an interactive performance for ages 7 – 11.

PLOT17 will be rocking up in Lewisham School playgrounds in June 2022.

You can catch family shows at Potters Field on 23 & 24 July 2022.

Written & performed by Kenny Baraka
With DJ: D’vo
Design: Paul Burgess
Music: Drew Horley and Conrad Kira
Producer: Lisa Mead
Story development: Kenny Baraka, Carl Ford and creative team.

To learn more about Plot 17 or to book the performance, please get in contact with Lisa Mead –

Photo of primary school children listening to a performance of Plot 17 by Kenny Baraka

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