A hip-hop garden block party for audiences aged 7+

Four pieces of wood
Eight nails
And a hammer
Some compost
A hand full of seeds
And some water
A playlist and some speakers all you need to get you started
then by the time that you finished you’ll know How To Make A Garden

Join underground hip-hop hero Kenny Baraka AKA The Green Man and DJ D’Vo as they work to save the environment one sick track at a time. PLOT17 is a mobile block party travelling the world raising awareness,
inspiring action and spreading the message of “making things green”, with a soundtrack guaranteed to make you want to plant a tree and sure to help the seeds grow.

Become part of a team of young, green allies @ PLOT17

About the show

PLOT17 tours in a converted horsebox van called IVY, which can be set up in an outdoor space at your venue. The performance is based on the idea of an 80’s hip-hop block party and is a series of tracks written and performed by Kenny Baraka with live DJ-ing. The theme of the show is to encourage the audience to connect more with nature and the environment and enhance children’s literacy.

PLOT17 is available to hire for your venue or your school. Download the flyer with more information about the requirements for the show, cost, what to expect and how to get in touch.

PLOT17_for schools – brochure
PLOT17_for venues and events – brochure


Written & performed by Kenny Baraka
With DJ: D’vo
Design: Paul Burgess
Music: Drew Horley and Conrad Kira
Producer: Lisa Mead
Story development: Kenny Baraka, Carl Ford and creative team.

To learn more about Plot 17 or to book the performance, please get in contact with Lisa Mead – [email protected].

Photo of primary school children listening to a performance of Plot 17 by Kenny Baraka