Arts & Health

Healthcare organisations recognise the difference poetry can make.  Participant’s lives can be enhanced, by increasing self-esteem, reducing stigma and giving people of all ages a voice.

Our arts and health activities are at the heart of what we do. Apples and Snakes is renowned for developing exciting, high-quality participation projects in the Arts and Health field, and numerous organisations and individuals have benefited from our experience and our ability to create tailored projects in collaboration with hospitals, NHS Trusts, community centres  and other healthcare settings.

One of our recent project participants told us:

“I discovered how cathartic the act of writing experiences down can be. Getting things out of my head and onto paper, I am able to view them more objectively and somehow put my problems into perspective. Also, I find that the act of writing things down makes me feel that I am actively confronting my problems and I therefore feel more in control”.

Our work inspires people of all ages to develop a love of words, giving them confidence in their writing and performance skills.

The artists we work with bring an open, flexible and down-to-earth approach to often very sensitive environments. They engage creatively encouraging those involved to write or listen to poetry and stories, adapting their techniques to the situation for positive and effective results.

If you would like to discuss projects or partnerships in this specialised field, please contact Daniela Paolucci, Producer at


We believe that libraries are the backbone of local communities. Since 2013 we’ve run SPINE festival in boroughs across London. SPINE festival celebrates arts and literature with loads of FREE fun activities and events for children, families and young people. From music, dance and drama, to poetry, storytelling and animation, there’s always something for everyone to get involved in and enjoy!  For further information on last year’s festival visit the SPINE website.

If you would like to discuss projects or partnerships in this specialised field, please contact Nicky Crabb, Senior Producer at