Amari Harris and Alfiah Jade

Artists in Residence

Amari Harris and Alfiah Jade are the Artists in Residence for Brent and Ealing.

Photo Credit: Suzi Corker.

Alfiah Jade | Poetry

Alfiah Jade is a Poet and trained Facilitator with a background in creative writing and performing arts/ theatre. Alfiah creates multi-disciplined work, using a community outreach approach to collaborate with organisations who seek to amplify less heard voices and people from underrepresented backgrounds. Her main field is amongst Young people  + Mental health/wellbeing. Her work covers and tackles a wide range of themes, stories, topical issues, such as Race, Identity, and Social politics which aid towards healing cultural and racial trauma through an Afrocentric perspective. Her work ultimately strives to encourage change and healing amongst the generations to come through social reflection, engagement and education whilst conjunctively promoting and shaping positive messages through producing bodies of work through facilitating workshops/exhibitions, new writing and directing visual based concepts/ideas.

Amari Harris | Storytelling

“Take control of your own story” is the motto of Drama Facilitator and passionate storyteller Amari Harris. Amari trained at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance which gave him the chance to train abroad at Estonia Academy of Music and Theatre.

As a Drama Facilitator Amari has worked in the community, health, and education sector and with some of the biggest theatres in the UK such as the Old Vic.

Using Creativity as a tool to step into the shoes of others to help understand each other better. He likes to inspire and cultivate the best versions of ourselves. Amari has had the chance to collaborate with some top drama schools such as Mountview and Central School of Speech and Drama.

A lover of books and stories Amari keeps the art of oral storytelling alive. You can find him spinning tales in front of hundreds at festivals, performing full length shows in theatres or in a quiet library corner. Amari has led storytelling projects with the NHS and patients living with a long-term illness teaching participants to share their experiences and stories with the world.

“Stories are how we understand the world and the right story can change the world”

Twitter: @amarimarsharris

Instagram: @amarimarsharris

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