Caitlin Strongarm and Christy Ku

Artists in Residence

Caitlin Strongarm and Christy Ku are the Artists in Residence for Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea.

Photo credit: Suzi Corker.

Caitlin Strongarm | Puppetry

Caitlin Strongarm is an Australian-born performer, maker, and facilitator based in the UK. Specialising in participatory arts experiences for all ages, Caitlin works with puppetry, clown, non-verbal performance, interactive installation, and digital and transmedia theatre to create socially engaged arts experiences and community-informed collaborative works for cross-generational audiences.

Working around the world, she has helped to create large-scale works that capture audiences’ hearts, celebrate local stories, and connect communities through arts experiences.

Recent collaborations: Collective Encounters (UK), The Science Museum (UK), Bureau of Silly Ideas (UK), Punchdrunk Enrichment (UK), Imaginary Theatre (AUS), Festival 2018 (AUS), Brisbane Powerhouse (AUS), QLD Museum (AUS), The Arts Space for Kids (CHINA)

Instagram: @caitlinstrongarm


Christy Ku | Spoken Word Poetry

Christy Ku is a London based poet, performer and workshop facilitator. She is an alumna of the Barbican Young Poets, Making Lemonade, National Youth Theatre and New Earth Academy. She was one of the top 6 finalists for BBC 1Xtra’s Words First programme 2019. Christy has worked on various poetry commissions including short poetry films, spoken word tracks and theatre shows with organisations such as the BBC, Apples & Snakes and the Barbican. She has been published in numerous anthologies including PanMacmillan, Own It! Publishing, and Magma Poetry. Christy founded BESEA Poets, a platform for British based East and South-East Asian poets.

Twitter: @kukadoodles

Instagram: @kukadoodles


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