Artists in Residence

Dan Mayfrield and Laila Nadia Sumpton are the Artists in Residence for Tower Hamlets and Newham.

Photo credit: Suzi Corker.

Dan Mayfield | Sound

Dan Mayfield is a sound artist, teacher and author who lives in East London. In 2015 he founded the School of Noise who run sound workshops for people of all ages and abilities. Dan enjoys finding out about sound and has worked in schools, hospitals, arts centres and at festivals worldwide, sharing the things he learns with other people. He also plays the violin and in 2014 had a children’s book published called Jasper and the Magpie.

Twitter: @schoolofnoise

Instagram: @schoolofnoise


Laila Sumpton | Poetry

Laila Sumpton is a poet, facilitator and performer who works with learners of all ages in schools, museums, galleries, hospitals and even parks! She edited a series of travel guides for monsters written by young writers at Ministry of Stories, worked with Newham students on their poetry and song performance ‘Full Circle’ which was performed at the Royal Albert Hall and is currently working on the National Literacy Trusts ‘Young City Poet’ project too. Her first poetry collection will be published with Aarachne Press and she is delighted to be working with Apples and Snakes on the SPINE Festival!

Twitter: @lailanadia

Instagram: @laila.sumpton