A+S @ Home | Series 3: Episode 3

Apples and Snakes @ Home is the online gig series where leading spoken word artists share poetry and conversation for you to enjoy from the comfort of your sofa!

Series 3 will focus on the theme of ‘Home‘, with artists exploring the idea of belonging in an increasingly fragmented world. We want to use this as an opportunity to amplify the voices of under-represented groups by focusing our programming on Black and brown artists living in England who may feel at ‘Home’ in more than one place or identity.

This episode will feature performances from Malika Booker and Keisha Thompson, as well as a specially commissioned poem from Yussuf M’Rabty. Hosted and co-curated by Bridget Minamore.

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Malika Booker
A British poet and theatre-maker of Guyanese and Grenadian Parentage, Malika Booker is the founder of the writers collective, Malika’s Poetry Kitchen. She has been shortlisted for the OCM Bocas Prize and the Seamus Heaney Centre Prize, and won the Forward Prize for Best Single Poem in 2020; and is published alongside Sharon Olds and Warsan Shire in Penguin Modern Poets series. Malika was the Douglas Caster Cultural Fellow in Creative Writing at Leeds University, and in 2020 received a Cholmondeley Award for outstanding contribution to poetry.

Keisha Thompson
A Manchester based writer, performance artist and producer, Keisha Thompson has presented her work at high profile venues and platforms such as Tate Modern, Blue Dot Festival and the British Council Showcase in Edinburgh. Keisha is also the Young People’s Producer at Contact, chair of radical arts funding body, Future’s Venture Foundation, and a fellow of the MOBO x London Theatre Consortium Fellowship. In August Keisha released a new album,
Ephemera, in collaboration with Tom “Werkha” Leah and featuring riveting cellist, Abel Selaocoe.

Yussuf M’Rabty
A music producer, poet and founding member of Young Identity and Inna Voice poetry collectives, Yussuf M’Rabty’s art represents the mindset of a 1st-generation British-born musician re-learning his history and culture, trying to find his place and a universal language. It brings together the excitement of wanderlust, and the melancholy of being an outsider in both homeland and motherland. It is a multicultural medley which pays tribute to the diversity of Manchester.

Bridget Minamore
A British-Ghanaian writer from south-east London, Bridget Minamore is a dramaturg, teacher, journalist, and poet. Titanic (Out-Spoken Press), her debut pamphlet of poems, was published in 2016. Bridget currently works for production company Esperanto Filmoj, as the Writing Assistant to writer and director Alfonso Cuarón.

Apples and Snakes @ Home explores new ways to digitally connect artists and audiences during these extraordinary times. Spoken word has the power to bring people together in the best and worst of times. As we find ourselves in a period of global uncertainty, distanced physically from one another, the need to connect has never felt more important. 

At Apples and Snakes, we know it’s vital to continue supporting artists and the wider spoken word community through this time of change, producing new work and pushing the boundaries of what poetry is and can be.

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