Becoming a Trustee

Join poets Amerah Saleh, Reece Williams and Lisa Mead, Apples and Snakes CEO for a discussion on what it means to become a trustee

A Board of Trustees is responsible for:

  • Holding charities to account
  • Helping them steer their direction
  • Ensuring the charity delivers on promises

As a registered charity, Apples and Snakes also has a Board of Trustees. But as we leave 2020 behind, we are looking at how the organisation operates. Specifically, we want to place artists at the centre of our decision making. Part of this change is investigating how our Board of Trustees can fully represent the artists, audiences and communities that we work with. We want different perspectives and ideas to be heard at Board level and we would like to invite young voices from across the country to join us on this journey.

Amerah Saleh and Reece Williams are both poets and experienced trustees who have sat on various arts organisation boards – Amerah recently joined the Apples and Snakes board in 2020 and Reece will be joining in early 2021.

In this session they will be joined by Lisa Mead, Artistic Director/CEO to discuss the role of a trustee, answering your questions on what it involves and what you gain from the experience.

If you think you might be interested in becoming part of the Apples and Snakes board, or are generally interested in what being a trustee for a charity involves, join us on Thurs 14 Jan, 6-7pm.

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