Cece’s Satellite Speakeasy: Midlands

Step forward into the future…

In July 2031… An event took place in a secret location in South East London. It was an act of creative resistance against climate and environmental injustice using live music, spoken word, storytelling and cutting-edge visuals… Cece’s Speakeasy. 

Just a few months later, the finest poetry-film makers and spoken word artists in the Midlands are gathering at Nottingham’s New Art Exchange for their own Satellite Speakeasy. They too, wish to join the growing dissent around climate inequality and the hoarding of chocolate and coffee beans by the ruling classes. Will you join them?


  • Dynamic call-to action live performance poetry by the filmmakers and local spoken word poets GOBS Collective, to remind us that we have a choice in how we respond to the climate crisis.
  • Music performance from Ingrid McLaren
  • Special guest speaker, Tracey from the Windmill Community Gardens
  • FREE Vegetarian and vegan buffet
  • FREE wildflower seeds


Meet the activists

This is a Premiere screening of original artist activist poetry films by:

Camille McCawley
Camille’s debut chapbook ‘An Odd Gift’ was recently released by Bearded Badger Publishing. She has featured at numerous events and has supported a number of spoken word legends including Matt Abbott, Joelle Taylor, and many more. Camille is champion of Slam of the North and Derby Poetry Festival slam 2019.

Ryan Sinclair
Ryan Sinclair is a 28-year-old Spoken Word Poet, Author, Actor from Birmingham. He has worked with organisations such Beatfreeks, The Arts Council, The Ort Gallery and. He has performed in locations such as Birmingham Town Hall, Boxpark Wembley, Atlanta’s Apache Café and is currently working at the Belgrade Theatre as a freelance Producer.

Ingrid McLaren
Ingrid is a writer, artist and musician who is trying to be heard and stuff. She has performed poetry nationally, was selected to perform as a regional poet at Hit the Ode in Birmingham and ran a poetry and discussion event called Processed Feud in Brighton which was funded by hummus.

Seun Matiluko
Seun is a poet, journalist, and researcher in law, race, politics and human rights. She has written articles for gal-dem and The Independent and is an alumna of Apples and Snakes’ Writing Room and BBC 1Xtra’s Words First programme.

Chadwick Jackson 

They keep doing this thing where they ask me to summarise who I am in series of paragraphs, it depends who you ask, some people think I’m an asshole, others call me a film maker, and my nieces and nephews think I’m an absolute legend and they are the only people who I want to impress in this life, for they keep it 100 with me. I’m Chadwick Jackson, some youths Uncle. It’s all I have going for me being a great Uncle and a Semi-Decent writer.

Plus   melissandre varin


Cece’s Speakeasy

As global temperatures rise, the quality and quantity of our crops decreases. In the not-so-distant future, coffee bean production will halt – caffeine will become extinct.  By 2050, there will be no more chocolate.

Set in a future world where coffee and chocolate are nearly extinct, Cece’s Speakeasy is an immersive poetic experience where storytellers, poets and musicians share new work exploring hope and action during the climate emergency.

We invite truth-seekers, chocolate lovers and coffee drinkers and adventurers to come and be inspired to talk about issues around climate change through the stories of Coffee and Chocolate.

Learn more about Cece’s Speakeasy

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