Dizraeli: The Unmaster

Bristol-born, award-winning rapper and composer Dizraeli performs his acclaimed album The Unmaster in an exclusive free live stream.

The Unmaster theatre performance is a genre of its own: an intimate gig, a dance, an unflinching poem; a story of a mental breakdown assembled from Dizraeli’s own diary entries and frightened scribbles, featuring Dizraeli and his band playing music from the album of the same name; visuals from Chris Allen of The Light Surgeons (The Orb; Splice Festival) and direction from Stef O’Driscoll (Nabokov Theatre) and Nina Santes (Hymene Hymne; La Fronde).

…what is it like to lose your mind?
…how do you get it back?

Exploring madness, conventional masculinity and how to recover from both, The Unmaster is dark, funny and very good to dance to.

Join us for a free live stream exclusive via our Facebook page (no login necessary) of this vital and unique performance.


This production is presented by The Trinity Centre, and supported by Apples and Snakes using public funding by Arts Council England. 

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