Forked: International Women’s Day Special

Forked celebrates poetry and music talent from the South West for International Women’s Day


Katy Else, also known as the Unheard Bird, represented the South West as the 2012 Olympic poet. Her poetry is inspired by her love for nature, the stories she hears from the people on the edges of society, life’s endless battles and all things wild and gay.

Megan Chapman, also known as MCMC Spoken, writes about social injustices, class, gender, and societal pressures, such as the expectation of providing a grandchild and has chosen not to thus far. Her writing hopes to open up conversations that resonate with the audience, with the hope of offering human connections, and voicing shared thoughts. Capturing the voices of the unheard. This performance will focus on showcasing work across a decade in her local county.

House of Figs is a collaborative duo featuring poet, creative coach, and founder of The Poetry Machine, Beth Calverley and singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, teacher and writer Bethany Roberts. Presenting intricate soundscapes and sonic sanctuary, they create poetic conversations about the wonder of the everyday.

Poet and performer Malaika Kegode and experimental music collective JAKABOL will bring us a unique excerpt taken from narrative gig-theatre show Outlier about growing up in rural Devon. First performed as part of Ferment, supported by Apples and Snakes.

Hosted by Marion Clare.

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