Easter eggs, blossom and wild flowers, lambs, chicks and brighter nights – join Apples and Snakes for a celebration of all things spring in our spoken word and drag act special.

Spoken word:

Amy Tollyfield
With an MA is Shakespeare Studies and a BA in Drama and Theatre practice Amy’s favourite study remains the female allure. Her collection The Suicide offers an insight into a range of hopes, dreams and possible dreads.

Patrick Pink
Patrick’s writing looks to capture a sense of atmosphere, to give people a snapshot of his emotional state. A regular performer in Swansea, this will be his first reading in his hometown!

Josie Alford
Josie’s stage presence is sequinned, Spice Girl inspired, pop culture referencing, infectious, and welcoming. Her work ranges from the subtle nuance of dealing with loss to meeting your partner whilst dressed up as Justin Beiber.


Ginny Lemon
Midlands drag act Ginny will be sharing with us her unique style of cabaret, described by Simon Cowell as ‘….hideous. Honestly one of the worst things I’ve ever heard.’

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