PLOT 17: Work-in-Progress

A hip-hop garden festival for families

Join underground hip-hop hero Kenny Baraka AKA The Green Man on his mission to make the world greener. Mixing wicked raps and music with wonderful stories, he will tell you how we can work together to create a garden and make music to play to it!

You’ll also get to plant some seeds to take home, make musical instruments and find out about recycling, re-purposing and re-using things from your own home to help make the world a greener place.

Join the Green Man on Plot 17 and become a Green Man Guerrilla, part of his team of young, green allies. Be there and get green fingered!

This event takes place in the Albany garden.

Written by Kenny Baraka and Carl Ford
Performed by Kenny Baraka

Direction: Carl Ford
Design: Paul Burgess
Producer: Lisa Mead
Music: Drew Horley

Commissioned by Apples and Snakes, with support from Team London Bridge & The Albany. #Plot17

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