Power Up: Flip Your Empathy Switch (Southwark)

Power Up: Flip the Empathy Switch (Sharing Event) London has lost its connection. The local superhero ‘Empathy’, who would normally fix this, has burned out. Their power is dwindling and their toolkit is nearly empty. You need to help us recharge the empathy batteries. We all have an important part to play in reconnecting the city and making sure ‘Empathy’ never loses power again.

In this workshop we will go on a learning journey- exploring the theme of empathy through an exciting mix of creative activities – using storytelling, physical theatre, poetry writing and some visual art to spark imagination and encourage connection.

This will be a fun interactive event so bring your thoughts, feelings, a pen and paper and your creative brains! Come and share your great ideas with us.

Suitable for all children age 9 to 12 Years, parents are welcome.

This event is part of SPINE Festival 2021. See what else is on:

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