SPINE Festival | Sutton

In addition to hosting Hip Hop Garden, the borough of Sutton is offering a range of interactive workshops at Sutton Central Library as part of SPINE Festival, the details of which are listed on this page.

All workshops are free. For more detailed information please contact the library:

Make A Noise (8 March)

Using VR, voice technology and animation, this workshop is inspired by Emmeline Pankhurst’s advice to ‘make more noise’. Participants hum, sing and shout to change the virtual world around them. Suitable for young people aged 13 years plus.

Draw and Relax: Saving the Natural World (10 March)

Be inspired with bullet journal ideas about positive eco actions, from the local recycling rules to exploring slow fashion or planting for birds and butterflies. Accompanied pre-teens can enjoy drawing and colouring with participating teen or adult.

How to Save the Whole Stinkin’ Planet (11 March)

The children’s bookclub reads the hilarious How to Save the Whole Stinkin’ Planet by Lee Constable and James Hart. This book succeeds masterfully in demonstrating to kids the many ways they can reduce their carbon footprint, while also having a good giggle. Suitable for children aged 6 – 11 years.

Pencil Drawing (12 March)

Improve your drawing with a lesson in the library. Suitable for children aged 5 – 9 years.

Meme Club: Save the World (13 March)

It’s competition night! Participants will make still and video memes on environmental themes with token prizes for the winning submission. Suitable for young people aged 11 years and over.


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