The Greenthumb Laboratories Guide to Growing Empathy

Join the SPINE Festival workshop and hear all about an emotionally responsive houseplant! This event is being hosted by Kensington and Chelsea Libraries

About this event

Dr. Green and Dr. Thumb are two extremely experienced Botanical scientists who have created ‘Compassio Veraque’; an emotionally responsive houseplant that can sense your emotions and help make you happier and more comfortable.

There is only one problem; something has gone wrong. The Plant has taken over their laboratory and grown roots out into the surrounding city. It’s sprouted teeth and is snapping at the scientists, and they need help working out how to tame this voracious jungle.

They’ve tried weed killer and the leaves grew more luscious. They tried to dig it out, but the roots got deeper. So now they’re looking for experts with emotional intuition and green thumbs to help them prune back the thorns of this plant and help it, and them, to flower again.

Come join us! Together we will create a chemical formula for empathy in this immersive, performative and participatory workshop that uses puppetry and poetry.

Suitable for children ages between 7 and 11 year’s old.

This is going to be a Zoom event – all those who book will receive link to join prior to the event.

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