Roger Robinson: In the Spotlight Interview

A+S: Describe yourself in 3 words…

RR: Curious, playful and arty

A+S: What inspires you?

RR: Creative Citizenship, Storytelling, Music

A+S: Tell us about your worst ever gig?

RR: It was at Express Excess when I was reading a really intense story for 18 mins and at the end I somehow lost the pages with the end, so it ended with me frantically looking through pages emptying a file full of paper and a bag full of stuff on the stage. People were so angry.

A+S: What’s your number one poetry pet peeve?
RR: Hip hop hand gestures and what I call the poetry voice that no one in real life talks like and poets going over their allotted time. Yes I know that’s three.
A+S: Whose words do you love at the moment?

RR: Shade Joseph, Justin Torres, Eugenia Leigh, Terrance Hayes, Johny Pitts.

A+S: What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?
RR: It’s ok you are enough
A+S: What would be your desert island luxury?

RR: Ooo ….a fried egg sandwich.