Welcome to ‘unLISTED’

We get a lot of requests from poets, perfomance groups, fellow organisations and artists from all levels to share and promote their events. It’s not possible to support you and a lot of requests don’t quite fit under the small umbrella that is spoken word.

We’re been working for a while now on our ‘notice bard’ to give you a place to share everything that is happening. Whether it’s a poetry launch, a performance poetry theatre show, or a local open mic – get it on the board. This is a place for everything otherwise unlisted.

Below you’ll find submitted events and opportunities from the poetry and spoken word scene.

  • ‘(Pub)lic House’ Film Premiere + a Pint – Sat 2nd March 2-6pm

    A film about empty pubs in Croydon, made of interviews edited into poems, maps into animations and words written by the community.

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  • Sketching Movement with Curtis Holder, Suzy Willson and Fukiko Takase

    Join multi-award-winning artist Curtis Holder for a workshop focussed on drawing moving bodies.

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  • Joelle Taylor: The Night Alphabet

    Joelle Taylor performs a staged reading from her debut novel The Night Alphabet, directed by Neil Bartlett and hosted by Russell Tovey.

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  • Resusci Anne and the Personal Displays of Affection

    Resusci Anne & The Public Displays of Affection drags up the lore surrounding Resusci Anne, an unidentified drowned woman & ‘most beautiful dead girl.

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  • Our Poetry: The Music of Being Human

    OUR POETRY promotes and celebrates the infinite variety of poetic voices living in and around Deal. Of course, the show has global ambitions.

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  • The Heroines Anthology

    The Heroines Anthology collects writing about women, written by women.
    Volume 5 of Heroines Anthology is a GLOBAL POETRY EDITION.

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