Forked celebrates the 10th anniversary of the first tweet sent from space. Join us for a night of poetry, spoken word and sound as we explore the human race’s complex relationship with space and social media.

Spoken Word show:

69: A Queer Landing by Maddie Haynes
A queer retelling of the 1969 moon landing, revisited half a century later from the perspective of the Moon herself.

Sound performance:

Blessed Pangolin
Curating visual images from nature, light entertainment and catastrophes, Blessed Pangolin offers cautionary tales about peeping toms, erotic A.I, sea gods, extinction level events and truck stop Messiahs.


The Blissful Nomad by Saili Katebe
Zambian born writer and performer based in the South West. Saili uses poetry to play with language and its hidden musicality.

Simon Williams
The Bard of Exeter in 2013, Simon is currently developing a one-man show on science, called Cosmic Latte. He has eight published collections, his latest being a co-authored pamphlet with Susan Taylor, The Weather House, published in 2017 by Indigo Dreams.

Performance Poet and previous Bard of Bath, Thommie Gillow brings her Moonbrella readings and her skillful stand up poetry, and we welcome Somerslam 2019 winner Clive Oseman for his Forked debut.

Hosted by Marion Clare

To book a table in The B-Bar please call 01752 242021.