The Synergy Slam Poets logo. It says Synergy Slam Poets in a dark green round circle. The are drawings of buildings at the bottom of the circle and flowers at the top.

Synergy Slam is run through Poets Built It. Workshops are free and held online via Zoom. To participate in the workshops, sign up through Poets Built It and create a profile. This is essential to building a safe online community space. You are welcome to leave the space after the workshops.

Synergy Slam Poets is an In-Person & Online Poetry & Spoken Word Workshop Programme for Poets & Spoken Word Artists across the world to enjoy the exploration and burgeoning rise of EcoPoetry & EcoPoetics.

We ask that you commit to at least 2 of the workshops so please only sign up if this is possible

WEEK 2: Monday 24th June, 7pm

The Science, Symbology & Mythology of Trees

Uncover the secrets of tree biology and their ecological role that shaped our planet.
Explore their rich cultural symbolism, from ancient myths to modern interpretations, revealing the profound significance trees hold in our consciousness.

WEEK 3: Monday 1st July, 7pm

Look Into Poetry Techniques That Enhance Your EcoPoetry:

  • Create more writing! Discover how EcoPoetry holds solutions to future proofing the next generations connection to nature and trees.
  • Enjoy writing positive future stories about our Tree friends, their health and their connection to human health.

WEEK 4: Monday 8th July, 7pm

Edit and prepare a powerful, memorable online spoken word performance with these techniques.

  • Share and perform your poem with other poets
  • Learn about performing to camera and online presence
  • Read aloud and edit with purpose
  • Ensure your poem is slam poetry competition ready!