Join Jerwood Compton Poetry fellow, poet and playwright Yomi Sode as he hosts Apples and Snakes: The Podcast.

Through conversations and performances from award-winning poets, Yomi will explore what it means to be Black, British and a poet or spoken word artist.

Season 3 – out now!

This season we are putting out even more episodes. To format is Yomi in conversation with only one guest, allowing us to get a little bit deeper. We’ll be getting a greater insight into the journeys of some of your favourite Black British poets so hit play and sit back.

We will be releasing an episode every other week and for the first half of this season, we are talking to: Shirley May, Roy McFarlane, Tolu Agbelusi, Ty’rone Haughton, Roger Robinson, Anthony Joseph, PA Bitez, Joshua Idehen and Breis

Each episode goes deep into talking about poetry, journeys, moments that changed us and more. PLUS some poetry thrown in as an added bonus.

We are excited to have you on this new journey with us and want to hear what you think. Tag us #ApplesandSnakes/@applesandsnakes on socials.

Episode 1 was released on 20 September 2023. A new episode will be released every fortnight.

The apples and snakes podcast image, the words on the image say The podcast episode 13, featuring Courtney Conrad. hosted by Yomi Sode. the colours on the image are purple and orange. In the middle of the image is a headshot of poet Courtney Conrad. She wears a stripy top, smiles out towards the camera and has medium length curly hair.

Episode 13 –
Courtney Conrad

This week, Courtney joins Yomi in discussing what keeps them going. They touch on the value of community, taking things at your own pace and not limiting yourself. Courtney walks through different moments that have been pivotal, exploring religion, culture and other elements that feed into your authenticity. 

Courtney shares her poem ‘Extradition of Druglord Dudus Coke: Barbican Girl Dash Weh Tivoli Boy’.

Season 1 and 2

Season one and two took on a different format. Each episode – released in two parts – will give a greater insight into the journeys of some of the UK’s most celebrated voices, talking through topics such as: the importance of owning and telling our own stories, poetry in education and ‘Sometimes our stories need music’

Past artists include: Caleb Femi, Kat François, Eklipse, Nii Parks, Zena Edwards, Khadijah Ibrahim, Reece Williams, Josephine ‘Realitie’ Rollins, John Bernard, Be Manzini and many more.

Apples and Snakes: The Podcast launched on 2 August 2021. You can catch up on season 1 and 2 on your usual listening channels – or scroll down to listen on our website. Click the ‘Share’ button to open in Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your preferred podcast app.

“This was such an important project to work on because there are so many complicated nuances to being Black or Mixed Black and a creative in the UK. There’s so much judgement and, in some ways, the things that are a part of our cultures are diminished as being not polished or “proper” enough.”

– Natalie Fiawoo, Associate Produce, Apples and Snakes

Apples and Snakes: The Podcast was produced by Natalie Fiawoo, with audio production by Drew Horley for The Lab Studios. The Podcast is available to listen to and subscribe to on Apple Podcasts and all other podcast platforms. 

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