Future Voices

project overview

To celebrate Apples and Snakes’ 40th anniversary, we launched Future Voices – a project that seeks to nurture and grow emerging talent from across England.

We have invited leading spoken word artists and filmmakers to run a jam-packed masterclass programme, available to 40 emerging poets online. The aim of the programme is for participants to produce a short poetic film (one minute long) to accompany a new poem about their ‘world’ – their life, local environment or city. At the end of the project, these films will be shared and celebrated at small live events and an online showcase. 

Each of the 40 selected poets will receive a commission of £500 for taking part and producing their film and poem. The programme will happen online, apart from a final celebration event at a local hub. To take part, you will need WiFi connection, a recording device (most smartphones will be fine for this) and access to Zoom.

The Cohort

Find out about all the artists taking part in Future Voices by clicking through to their regional cohorts:
South East
South West

Names in a list:
Milga Abraham, Triumph Arach, Seun Matiluko, Jay Sandhu, Polis Louizou, Ingrid McLaren, Aliyah Begum, Zakariye Abdillahi, Isaac Izekor, Sofe Barker, Gafar Fashola, Jasmin Thien, Blaize Alexis-Anglin, Obinna Iwuji, Mariah Wilde, Binta Yade, Princess Arinola Adegbite, Amy Langdown, Jay Mitra, Dan Loops, Toreh O’Garro, Louis Registe, Lauren Temple, Ella Otomewo, Bhumika Billa, Matt Alton, Charlotte Johnson, Francis, Xavier Mukiibi, Amy Brangwyn, Holly D M Oluwo, Tanya-Loretta Dee, Gaëtan Gauthier, Jonah Corren, Lesley Hayes, Eryn McDonald, Kane John Mills, Jaidah Spence, Jo Eades, Elena Chamberlain and Valentina Paz Huxley.

The programme outline

The partner organisations represent five different regions across England – North, Midlands, London, South West and South East. Each poet has been assigned to groups of eight based on their location.

The partner organisations are: Young Identity, Gallery37, Poetic Unity, People Dem Collective, and Milk Poetry.

As part of the programme, each poet will:

  1. Be paid a commission of £500 to create a one-minute poetic film to accompany a new poem – both created by the poet. This will be paid either 50% at the start of the programme, once an agreement has been signed and 50% after the piece has been produced, or 100% at the end of the programme.
  2. Attend a programme of eight online masterclasses (each up to 2.5 hours long) hosted by professional filmmakers and poets. These will happen on Zoom and will be hosted by Apples and Snakes and the regional hub partners.  These will take place on either a Monday or Tuesday evening.
  3. Share your work at a live celebration event with the regional partner at the end of the programme. Each poet will be paid £100 fee to perform and we will cover travel costs.
  4. Attend an online closing symposium to reflect on the programme, feedback and to celebrate the work that has been created.


Welcome to Future Voices (Apples) – An inspiring and practical introduction to the Future Voices programme and other participants on the programme. Motivating exercises, a chance to ask questions and explanation of the goals of the course

Idea Generation in Poetry (Regional) – This masterclass will be focussed on how to generate ideas. As we are collaborating with partners in different regions of England, we are looking for 40 fresh voices to explore what is means to live here. We’d like the poets to explore their relationships with their location but this can be done in a number of ways which will be demonstrated throughout the course.

Simple Storytelling on Film (Regional) – Take a deep dive into how to tell simple stories through use of colour, motifs, movement and atmosphere . A filmmaker will guide the class through visual idea generation, gathering clips on an iphone and dicsuss how to start planning a DIY film

Performing to Camera/for Film (Apples) – Poetry slam champion and educator Kat Francois will take the poets through ways to amplify your performance technique so it looks great on camera. She will be sharing tips and advice on how to get into the body, alongside writing prompts so the poets can develop their words at the same time as their performance.

Your First Draft(Regional) – This is a chance for to go further into idea development and poetic form. There will be inspiration, writing exercises and a chance to get feedback on your work so far.

DIY Filmmaking (Apples) – The practical stuff – using low-fi and free tech to create impactful films. A filmaker will take you behind the scenes on their top tips for creating impactful short movies. Lighting, direction, filming, different free programmes to film and edit in.

How to Plan your Film with Storyboarding (Regional) – Learn how to create simple storyboards with drawings or photographs to plan your short films. Tips on brainstorming and then laying out your plan visually.

Developing your Draft (Regional) –  A session for feedback, idea development and further tips on how to push the idea towards a film

Key Dates

The programme dates are as follows:

  1. Induction event online on 9th October 2023 
  2. Masterclasses will run once per week from week beginning October 9th until week beginning November 27th. These will most likely be on Mondays and/or Tuesday evenings around 6.30-8pm. This will be confirmed shortly but do get in touch if unsure.
  3. You will have time to work on finishing the films between December 2023 – mid January 2024
  4. Celebration event at your local partner organsation’s hub will take place in February 2024, final date TBC
  5. An online symposium will be on 28th February 2024 
  6. How to apply
  7. FAQs

A thank you to all our partners for taking part in Future Voices: Young Identity, Gallery37, Poetic Unity, People Dem Collective, and Milk Poetry.

Gallery 37, Milk Poetry, Poetic Unity, Young Identity and People Dem Collective

This programme has been made possible thanks to funding from Fenton Arts and Idlewild. With special thanks to support from Arts Council England.