Trees: a silent powerful force in the lives of everyone that lives in the city.
They clean the air.
They impact our emotional and mental well-being.
We find inspiration beneath their branches.

The relationship between people and trees is a story of interconnectedness, resilience, and reliance. Synergy Slam will explore the symbiotic relationship between trees and people in urban environments.

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What is Synergy Slam

Synergy Slam is an online and in-person poetry, performance and film competition where anyone can creatively respond to some of the world’s most pressing eco-issues.

Synergy Slam Poets: TREES consists of 4 workshops and 1 poetry competition, with the first workshop on Monday 17 June.

Synergy Slam workshops take place online, via Zoom. To participate in the workshops, you must sign up through Poets Built It and create a profile. This is part of the online community rules to ensure a safe space online for people to engage. The workshops are free to take part in, and you are welcome to stay or leave the space – if you leave, you will no longer be able to take part in the workshops.

Poets Built It is an online community space, built by poets for poets. It is held on a separate website to Synergy Slam and is a space to talk with other poets in a friendly and supportive environment.

To sign up, head over to and apply to Poets Built It.