451 City: Make It SO Special

Bringing the best local, national and international spoken word artists to Southampton; from stand-up poets to live literature to spoken word theatre.

This month 451 City presents a Make it SO Special, featuring a headline set from poet, drummer and sound artist, Antosh Wojcik. Antosh destabilises the lines between reality and fantasy in an attempt to expose raw truths. Conversationally surreal and with Lynchian intent, he writes from the warped boredom of the suburb and the worry of his family. His debut solo performance piece toured the UK and internationally throughout 2019, combining drumming and spoken word to explore vascular dementia.

Plus we’ll have DIY Southampton spoken word featuring:

Kristianne Drake
Kristianne Drake examines her past through a lens of resilience and reconciliation. She persists through pain with the force of a woman who refuses to remain silent.

SM Ripper
SM Ripper’s poems are an impossibly triumphant dose of doomed optimism, blended through a filter of cheeky filth and kind cynicism.

Chloe Brehault
Chloe Brehault is a Southampton-based photographer and poet. Her written work is a raw retelling of her first hand struggles with mental health, love and heartbreak.

Scarlett Rien
Scarlett Rien is feeling troubled and she’s bringing it to you. Her words are unapologetic and relentless. They tell you how it is and how it will be.

And a feature set from Alena Abisogun, performing poems that address the issue of knife crime from the viewpoint of someone with personal experience of the consequences.

Sign up at Box Office on the night from 7pm. Spaces limited.

Hosted by Ricky Tart

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