What’s The Story? (Brent & Ealing)

Everyone has a story no matter your age or background. However, how many people know all the chapters of our book of life? Understanding peoples stories could help us understand the reasons we act a certain way or do certain things.

Explore your story through a creative workshop using drama and spoken word as we explore the stories that make us

This workshop will be delivered by our Spine Festival Artists in Residence Alfiah Bown and Amari Harris

Join this exciting storytelling, drama and creative writing workshop focusing on the theme of empathy. In support of Empathy Day 10 June. For ages 7- 11.

When you book, you will receive confirmation. The link to join the event will be emailed the day before the event. It will be delivered on Zoom.

Please note that these events are for children and no adults on their own will be admitted. There will be a waiting room for admittance. Microphones will be muted but attendees will have a chance to ask questions.

Please join promptly – this event will start on time and late-comers will not be admitted. This is due to safeguarding polices for events aimed at children, young people and families.

Thanks for joining us!

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