The Gatherings: Page vs Stage – The Final Conversation

The page versus stage debate is dead. Is it time for the literary world to let it go?

The Final Conversation unpacks some of the hierarchical issues some believe exist around race and class that the page and stage debate has kept alive over decades in UK literature.

We ask questions about the pursuit of success through traditional literary channels, the all-inclusive nature of the spoken word, performance poetry scene and its historical expansion and foundation building for poets to come.


Joining us on the panel, we have an eclectic mix of the stage and the page:

  • Nii Parkes
  • Bohdan Piasecki
  • Francesca Beard
  • Rheima Robinson
  • Mr Gee

Like before, Zena Edwards will be hosting and we wil be encouraging you to bring your discussion to the table and share what’s on your mind.

On the night

We aim to finish the event at 8.30pm, but it may run over.

Please note, this event will be recorded By attending the event you agree to be recorded however if you would prefer not to be the please keep your camera off.

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