Apples and Snakes: The Podcast

Tune in and listen up. Join Award winning British-Nigerian writer Yomi Sode for Apples and Snakes: The Podcast.

Yomi has won critical acclaim for his works published by Penguin (Manorism), is a Jerwood Compton Poetry Fellowship and was shortlisted for The Brunel International African Poetry Prize 2021. This is a very compressed acclamation of Yomi, because we’re here to talk The Podcast!

Through conversations and performances from award-winning poets, rappers and artists such as Caleb Femi, Kat François and Eklipse, Yomi will explore what it means to be Black, British and a poet or spoken word artist.

The Podcast Series 1

Featuring: Nii Parks, Caleb Femi, Zena Edwards, Eklipse, Malika Kegode, Khadijah Ibrahim, Casey Bailey, Que, Kat Francois and Reece Williams

The episodes in series 1 gave a greater insight into the journeys of some of the UK’s most celebrated voices, talking through topics such as: 

  • The importance of owning and telling our own stories 
  • Poetry in education
  • ‘Sometimes our stories need music’

They were recorded in two parts and released this way. Each episodes will include discussion on a topic with the artists taking it in turns to read a poem from their collection.

The Podcast Series 2

Featuring: Be Manzini, Tanaka Fuego, Josephine ‘Realitie’ Rollins, Adrian B Earle, Kenny Baraka and John Bernard.

The second series is back with a banger, and will be released from the middle of November 2022 right up until the end of the year.

It will explore topics such as:

  • Wellbeing and the importance of looking after yourself as an individual rather than creating wellbeing platforms that are focused on other people.
  • What it is like to navigate this scene as a poet that has a disability
  • And also talking to those that are on the frontline when it comes to working with creatives that are traditionally referred to as ‘Hard to reach’

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Creative team

Apples and Snakes: The Podcast was produced by Natalie Fiawoo, with audio production by Drew Horley for The Lab Studios.

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